Friday, 16 March 2012

Céline Dion Is Not Dead.

Celine Dion is the victim of a BOGUS death hoax.On Thursday, “RIP Celine Dion” became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, fueling speculation that the singer had died.It is 100% false.A false report claimed that Celine Dion died in a private plane crash whereas another claims that the star has died in a car crash.

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  1. Thank God she is not dead. She is so beautiful and her voice it fantastic.
    I found all this mess because I was looking for an animated Christmas card that used "So This is Christmas"
    in it. I found some back to 2010 but nothing older.
    Any help out there?
    eMail me at if you can email a list of these cards or even advise where
    I might find such.a list